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Exacta Normalije

Exacta normalije d.o.o. is a family company, which is present in our market since 1982. The company was founded by Lado Prešern, his knowledge is deepened by his son Thomas Prešern, who now leads the company. We started with the manufacture of components for punching and later we added the manufacture of ejector pins, pins and dowels.




Exacta Normalije d. o. o. provides a comprehensive range of precision tooling solutions. As part of our product range, we offer complete, cutting-edge, and innovative solutions for standard as well as non-standard product dimensions. We also manufacture custom products for all types of industries, from the design consulting process to the production of the final product.




Ejector Pins

Ejector pins are used for all tools for injection molding of plastics and die-casting. We offer large range of dimensions, including intermediate dimensions. Depending on the shape of the pin, we offer pins with a diameter between 0.50 and 40 mm and a length between 40 and 2000 mm. We also offer custom designed special dimensions with short delivery times.

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Punching Pins

Punching pins are precision parts. They are components in cutting tools that are subject to high pressure forces. Their advantages and full performance can be reached only if all other parts of the cutting tool are precision-made as well. Punching pins can be manufactured according to various standards as well as to the customer's drawings.

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Dowel Pins

Dowel pins are used for fastening lamellae, tool parts or individual parts. Being made from hardened steel, they are highly wear resistant. They can also be manufactured from other materials on request.

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Measuring pins

Measuring pins are used for verifying and measuring. They are robust measuring tools, used in every control room and tool shop. For any kind of work on a measuring drilling machine and a coordinate milling machine, measuring pins are nearly indispensable.

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Custom products

We offer an integrated solution from product planning consultancy to the production of the finished product. Custom products are manufactured for all types of industry. We also develop them according to customer's wishes. We make a specific product according to the sketch and for all kinds of tolerance. You can submit your drawings in formats: PDF, DWG, DXF, 3D STP

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