Measuring pins

Measuring pins

Measuring pins are used for verifying and measuring. They are robust measuring tools, used in every control room and tool shop. For any kind of work on a measuring drilling machine and a coordinate milling machine, measuring pins are nearly indispensable.

Measuring pins are high-precision testing instruments with a tolerance of ± 1μm in tolerance class 1. Boasting excellent reliability and hard-wearing qualities, they are ideal for use in quality assurance, in stock receipt control and in manufacturing processes. They are simple to use and very suitable for measurement tests, e.g. for testing bore holes on jig boring machines and/or on jig milling machines.

Measuring pins are particularly suitable for the measurement of even the smallest bore holes. In contrast to expensive internal measuring instruments, their length offers a significant advantage: deep bore holes can be measured not only for their dimensional accuracy but also for their linearity and angularity.

Measuring pins can also be used for the measurement of angularity, distances between holes, dovetail guides, profile depths, guide surfaces and groove measurements.

ln addition, they are suitable as adjustment controllers for a wide variety of measuring instruments such as micrometers, dial gauges, as well as go / no-go gauges.

There can be no mistakes or errors measured with the measuring pins because on every measuring pin diameter is written and is sustainable.

Measuring pins can also be individually adjusted, for example, to complement the set, or to complete the set for storage bins from 0.10 to 25.00 mm, incremental 0.01 mm.

There are also measuring pins in smaller increments of 1/1000 mm.

Measuring pins are manufactured from tool steel, hardness 60 - 64 HRC in accordance with DIN 2269, and tested at a temperature of 20° C ± 1° C.

To meet the DIN EN ISO 9000 and QS 9000, we create certificates for tracking, monitoring protocols DKD and PTB. Possible are four types of certificates.

With measuring pins we can easily check the good / bad made products and check the upper or a lower tolerance of the product.

Measuring pin sets.

Measuring pin sets are available in the tolerance class I = ± 0.001 mm or II = ± 0.002 mm in the diameter range of 0.10 - 25.00 mm Ø with astandard grading of 0.01 mm. The measuring pins are supplied in high-quality storage cases.

Each pin is positioned individually in a high-quality plastic plate. Holes are sized to fit the pin diameter and are labelled appropriately.

We supply 30 standard sets of measuring pins "from stock". Each set is available in two tolerance classes.

The storage cases are available in 3 sizes. The appropriate size is determined by the content, i.e. according to the number of items and their diameter.

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